My Favorite Salsa

First, let me say, I love salsa.  It is my favorite condiment.  Seriously, I put it on everything!  This recipe is one that I love because it can be modified to please a variety of tastes.  The ingredients are simple and ones that I seem to always have on hand.  I love making a quick batch when we have friends over, for a midnight snack, or if I have tomatoes that are too ripe for a salad. 


1 lb Tomatoes- any kind I love using Roma or Heirloom tomatoes fresh from the garden

1/2 Small Onion

1 Serrano Pepper

2 Cloves of Garlic

Prepare a cast iron skillet by covering the bottom and sides with foil.  Cut the tomatoes in half, half, de-seed, and de-stem the serrano pepper.  Peel and half the onion and peel the garlic. Place all of the ingredients face up on the skillet and broil on high.  After 5 minutes, the garlic and serrano are blistered; remove them and place in blender.  Continue broiling the remaining ingredients until the tomato and onion are blistered, another 5 minutes.  Add remaining ingredients to blender.  Add three tablespoons of water and salt/pepper to the blender and pulse until salsa is to the desired consistency.  If desired you could add a handful of cilantro or lemon juice.   

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