Sensory Canister

Rainy day canister!

Rainy day canister!

   This was a really simple canister I created (during one 45 minute nap time....) from an empty oatmeal container (but really, any solid container with a lid will work), some random stuff I had laying around, and a TON of hot glue.

    Inside the container I put some beads, a few marbles, and some rice - you really can use whatever, shake it a few times - sound check!

    I used four different strips of fabric, each with a very different texture (rough, soft, weaved). I glued the strips horizontally around the can. I braided thin leather strips together and glued them around the canister and attached different sized wooden beads. The top is those smooth stones (that you probably got in a flower arrangement at one point, and now have no idea what to do with) packed in, mosaic style, with a ridiculous amount of hot glue. I had a random metal chain from a broken necklace that I glued around the soft strip of fabric, I thought it added an interesting contrasting texture and made a cool sound when it fell against the can. 

   The baby, and the cat....had a lot of fun playing with this, shaking it, pounding on the bottom, and playing with the strands and beads coming off of the canister. The beauty of this kind of project is that theres no wrong way to do it. It doesn't have to match, or even look good really! Whatever you think might spark a little kid's imagination, or play to their senses will work! Have fun!

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